Booking a private flight – quickly and conveniently with Schneider Aviation

Booking a private flight – quickly and conveniently with Schneider Aviation

When time plays a central role, a private flight is the fastest option. At the same time, travelling by private jet makes it much easier to design your journey flexibly than with a scheduled flight, thanks to a dense network of airports that will get you to your destination. And this opens up whole new possibilities for your travel planning. Appointments that previously would have required an overnight stay at the destination can now be made in a single day. In addition, you benefit from the relaxed atmosphere of a private flight and can use your time to work efficiently or to take a short break. Whether you travel alone or with selected companions is completely up to you.

Book your private flight now and enjoy a complete package of professional service from Schneider Aviation. As a responsible private aviation broker, we take care of the whole process of your flight – including providing an airport transfer by limousine and any individual requirements you request. At the same time, an experienced team is working in the background to keep constant track of all the parameters of your journey so they can respond immediately to any unforeseen difficulties, such as weather issues, and arrange alternatives. This means you can always rely on the highest standards of comfort while travelling, from your front door to your destination.

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Book a private flight in four simple steps – how the process works at Schneider Aviation

Booking your flight with Schneider Aviation is as simple as can be:

  1. Enter your desired travel route to receive an initial price estimate
  2. Select your flight and enter your contact details, so we can send you a tailored offer
  3. Confirm your booking and discuss any special requests
  4. Start your journey and enjoy the many advantages of a private flight

If you’d like to learn more about booking your private jet, here are full details of the process:
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Your advantages when booking a private flight with Schneider Aviation

With us as your private aviation broker, you benefit from the following advantages and more:

  • Access to a global network of several thousand flight providers and thus to virtually any flight route you could need
  • Tailored flight recommendations optimized for cost-effectiveness
  • On request, the perfect all-round service for your whole journey from door to door – including limousine service, catering and other extras

In addition, we have an incomparable advantage for you: Book your flight now and receive the exclusive limousine transfer by our in-house Schneider Chauffeur Service before and after the flight within Germany up to 30km around the departure point/destination airport for free!.
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