Hiring a private jet: Your guide to
chartering a private aircraft

Hiring a private jet: What you should know before chartering a private aircraft.

It’s a common misconception that only an elite few can ever fly by private jet. In fact, as one of the most efficient forms of travel, private flights are a regular feature of life and work for many people. This is possibly thanks to the numerous flight providers and established networks through which you can organize your flight with ease. It’s a particularly worthwhile option when your time is valuable and you know the value of every minute saved.
If you want to know more about how to book a private aircraft, what options you have when doing so and what else you need to take into account, here we offer you a concise guide.


  1. How do I charter a private aircraft?
  2. How much does hiring a private jet cost?
  3. Why a private jet? – Advantages over scheduled flights
  4. Rules on luggage and taking pets on private flights
  5. Cost-effective private jet booking using “empty legs”
  6. Catering during the flight
  7. Private jet journeys from door to door – with comfortable airport transfer
  8. Other important information before travelling by private jet

1. How do I charter a private aircraft?

If you’d like to hire a private jet, there are various approaches available to you. The most obvious idea is, naturally, to contact a particular aviation services provider, which will then operate the flight itself. The disadvantage of this, however, is that you only have a very narrow range of options and have to content yourself with what’s available. That’s why there are what’s known as private aviation brokers, such as Schneider Aviation, who work with many different private jet operators and can therefore put together the perfect offer to meet your travel needs. We can also offer a whole range of further options around your flight – for example pick-up by our in-house Schneider Chauffeur Service, enabling you to travel in comfort from door to door.

Booking through a private aviation broker is essentially similar to what you’re used to with regular travel portals: Using our search function, you’ll receive some initial suggestions for your travel request in seconds – including a provisional cost estimate – and you can select from these. With premium providers such as Schneider Aviation, however, you don’t book online straight away; first you receive a tailored offer based on your selection. Naturally this means you can rely on first-class advice so that your journey completely meets all your individual needs.

Further information on the booking process can be found here

2. How much does hiring a private jet cost?

The hire costs for a private jet are primarily based on two factors: the flight duration and the type or class of private aircraft. Billing is usually based on flight hours, with rental for smaller aircraft starting at around 2,500 euros per hour and larger private jets costing up to 10,000 euros or more per hour. A good baseline for short- and medium-haul flights is around 3,000 to 5,000 euros per flight hour, provided you book a return flight. One-way flights are generally more expensive, because the empty return flight has to be accounted for.
In addition to all the fees associated with the flight, the price usually includes catering appropriate to the aircraft class. Any requests outside these parameters can, naturally, be additionally booked – as can a seamless airport transfer.

3. Why a private jet? – Five advantages over scheduled flights

Hiring a private jet has significant advantages over booking a scheduled flight; it’s not only comfort that plays a crucial role but also the time factor. Here are the five strongest arguments in favor of private aviation:

  1. Direct flight to an airport close to your destination:
    Thanks to a dense network of airports (around 2,300 in Europe alone), a private jet generally gets your much closer to your destination than a scheduled flight.
  2. Save time:
    It usually takes just ten to fifteen minutes to go through checks at the airport – compared with 35+ minutes for regular flights.
  3. Calm and independence
    You’re not surrounded by strangers; you get to decide whether to travel alone or with companions of your choice.
  4. Flexible options for luggage and pets:
    If you like, your pet can of course travel with you in the cabin. And you can be more flexible about your luggage than on a scheduled flight; 50kg or more can often be carried, depending on the size of the aircraft (You can find more detailed information on request when booking your private flight).
  5. The highest comfort, tailored to your personal requirements:
    Your comfort while travelling meets the highest standards, and we’ll be happy to respond to any special requests (for example for the catering).

Insider tip:

All of these advantages are really quite cost-effective if you travel as a group. Once there are more than four to five people, hiring the right-sized private jet becomes comparable with first class tickets for a scheduled flight.

4. Rules on luggage and taking pets on private flights

One often-overlooked advantage of travelling by private jet is that you have much more freedom about your luggage than with the regular airlines. Even large quantities of luggage can generally be brought easily, provided the essential safety requirements are met and your chosen aircraft type has enough space. If you need to bring bulky or fragile objects, please discuss this with us in advance so that we can clarify the exact options with you.

You’re also very welcome to bring pets with you in the passenger cabin, and we’ll take care of preparing any relevant special requests. But here again, if you have any special requirements, please always inform us in advance so we can deal with any difficulties in good time.

5. Cost-effective private jet booking using “empty legs”

There’s one option for hiring a private jet at much lower prices: “empty legs”. These are empty flights that are operated because an aircraft that has been chartered needs to get to a different airport. Or if the plane has flown a one-way journey and is returning to its home airport because it’s not needed in its current location. Since the costs for these empty flights have already been billed for, you can often book them with a discount of 50% or more – which of course can be very attractive, provided the flight fits with your travel wishes.

But please bear in mind that empty legs are always bound by their main booking. So they can’t offer you the flexibility of a normal private flight and, moreover, entail a risk that the original charter flight is cancelled, which would mean your empty leg would no longer be available – or at least not at the original special price. That’s why we advise you only to use empty legs for journeys where you wouldn’t mind these eventualities. By contrast, for important business appointments with a short time slot, your best option is always to charter a private jet just for you and based on your scheduling needs.

6. Catering during the flight

A catering service is usually included in the price for private flights, and is based on the length of the flight and the chosen aircraft type – ranging from a light snack to an extensive menu. Naturally, if you have a special request you can let us know in advance, and we’ll prepare it for you for an appropriate fee based on the scope and the situation. The same applies to individual drinks preferences and other special requests that you have for your flight. Simply let us know about this when booking.

7. Private jet journeys from door to door – with comfortable airport transfer

Take full advantage of the comfort and time savings of your private jet journey by using our professional all-round service with airport transfer. We’ll pick you up in good time by limousine from your chosen location and take you safely to the airport. And there will be another limousine waiting for you on landing for your onward journey. Depending on your departure and arrival locations, it’s even possible to drive up to the runway, so you can transfer almost directly from the limousine to the plane.
If you’d like to learn more about Schneider Aviation’s complete service package and the possibilities that go along with it, please get in touch with us. In addition, you can of course use the airport transfer by our in-house Schneider Chauffeur Service for any scheduled flights you’re planning to take, to ensure a more efficient journey.

8. Other important information before travelling by private jet

You should also take the following into account before you begin your journey with your chartered private jet:

  • If you choose NOT to use our airport transfer, please ensure you arrive at the airport at least 20 minutes before take-off. Ideally you should allow extra time in case of traffic problems or other delays. Punctuality is extremely important here because your pilot is required to comply with agreed times and there can be delays of several hours or even days before the airport can offer the next departure slot.
  • When you charter a private aircraft, you have to comply with the same entry regulations applicable in your country of arrival as with a scheduled flight. So please ensure you have your passport, visa and any other necessary documents with you. If you’re uncertain about any of this, please contact us and we’ll be happy to support you.
  • We’ll inform you of the precise meeting point at the airport in advance of your journey. If you have any questions on this you can reach us at any time on the contact number +49 201 85 89 298 – 0

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