Booking a private jet made easy –
how the process works at Schneider Aviation

Private jet booking made easy – your request at Schneider Aviation

With the right private aviation broker, booking your private jet is as easy as can be. As an experienced quality service provider with more than 15 years’ experience in a demanding industry, we’re in the background taking care of everything that needs doing and carefully preparing your flight. The process begins with your first enquiry and comprises four essential steps, to finish with your arrival at the destination:

  1. Enter your desired travel route to receive an initial price guideline
    By entering your desired route and the planned date of your flight into our search engine, you’ll immediately receive an initial overview of possible flights and estimated costs. As a member of the leading global flight network, we’re in contact with more than 7,500 private jet providers, which means we can offer you an appropriate option for almost any travel need.
    By the way, our repertoire also includes “empty legs” – unbooked flights you can use for your own journey at a very attractive price. To find out when this makes sense and what you should be aware of beforehand, find our more in our Guide “Hiring a Private Jet”.
  2. Select your flight and enter your contact details for a tailored offer
    After selecting the right flight and submitting your contact details, you’ll quickly receive a tailored quote from our aviation team.
  3. Confirm your booking and discuss any special requests
    As soon as you confirm the quote, we’ll coordinate all necessary preparation with the private jet provider. Naturally, we can take care of special requests, such as individual catering or limousine transfer with our in-house Schneider Chauffeur Service. Simple let us know what’s important to you.
  4. Start your journey and enjoy the many advantages of a private flight
    As soon as everything is arranged and confirmed, you can start your journey at the planned time and agreed location. Enjoy your private flight with all the advantages and comforts you can expect from the premium service offered by Schneider Aviation.

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