Travel safely during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)
– for business & privately

Travel safely during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) – for business & privately

A lot has been asked of us since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Business and our social lives in general have changed massively. But we have to keep going – and digital alternatives are only part of the solution. In the future, meeting up with friends and family will still remain valuable, perhaps even more given that it’s currently not possible. That’s why we would like to support you as much as possible with our chauffeur and limousine service, and to make you feel confident in our comprehensive hygiene measures. With us, you can enjoy your business travel and external appointments, without having to worry about your safety.

The safe alternative to planes & trains

Although the aviation industry has now implemented extensive hygiene concepts, there are still a large number of risks. Sometimes it just takes a close look for you to start doubting your own safety. You only have to think about how often you come into contact with other people and share the same breathing space: walking through the departures lounge, queuing at check-in and the gate, on the plane itself and then again passing through arrivals. And consider how many different people you’ll encounter. Social distancing rules and other measures may reduce the immediate risk, but how safe can you actually feel?

It becomes even more questionable if you need to take public transport to get to the airport or if you travel directly by train. Here you will also come into contact with a large number of people in a confined space, and unfortunately you can’t rely on people respecting hygiene measures. Very often, people don’t cover their noses with their masks, don’t wear one all the time or sometimes they even take them off when they need to sneeze. In any case, protection seems extremely questionable, especially if it isn’t compulsory to wear a mask on local and long-distance services. That’s why you should seriously consider whether you want to expose yourself to all these unsafe conditions, or whether you would prefer to use a different method of transport.

Contactless & comfortable with out limousine service

When travelling with our limousine service, almost all of these evident risk factors are avoided. We will pick you up from your home, provide you with a safe space for the entire journey and deliver you safely to your destination. The most contact you’ll have will be when you leave your house and arrive at your destination. Contact with our chauffeur takes place under all of the strictest relevant hygiene measures. In fact, travelling with our chauffeur service is just as safe as driving yourself, except in much more comfortable surroundings and with the opportunity to work during the trip. There’s also no excessive contact if you need to stop for fuel or a break, as your chauffeur will deal with everything and will be happy to pick something up for you from the shop or restaurant.

It’s also up to you to decide whether you want to wear a mask during the trip. This additional measure isn’t compulsory. However, if it would make you feel safer, an FFP2 face mask will be available at the start of your journey.

Our hygiene concept

So that you can travel during these challenging times without having to worry, we have developed a detailed hygiene concept for our limousine service. You can rely on the following safety measures:

  • Strict adherence to social distancing rules
    Unlike on public transport, you can guarantee that your chauffeur will always keep a safe distance, which is also simply to be courteous, in line with our company ethos.
  • Protective screen between you and your driver
    Throughout the journey, a transparent screen will be in place to keep you safe, making it unnecessary to wear a mouth and nose covering, which our drivers are only allowed to wear in exceptional circumstances due to driving safety reasons.
  • Regularly disinfecting all contact surfaces
    We disinfect all surfaces our guests come into contact with after every journey. You don’t need to touch the door handle once – your chauffeur will open the car door for you. Hand sanitiser will be readily available for you at all times.
  • Optional FFP2 face mask
    If you would like even more protection, we are happy to provide you with an FFP2 face mask for your journey and/or meeting.

If you are part of a COVID-19 risk group due to a pre-existing medical condition or any other reason, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange everything, provide your driver with a mouth and nose covering and further reduce the already minimal risk. We are also open to further requests and take any concerns extremely seriously. It is our aim to get you to your destination as safely and comfortably as possible.

Quicker than you think – especially for journeys within Germany

If you’re worried that the journey will take too long by limousine, please let us know so that we can give you a detailed assessment of the route. In reality, the difference in the time it takes to fly is usually much lower than expected, especially for journeys within Germany. For example, a journey between Essen and Munich only takes around an hour longer with one of our chauffeurs than by plane. That’s without any changes, and with us you don’t have to wait in any queues.

Our team is also optimally prepared thanks to their meticulous route planning and takes the current traffic conditions into account. High-risk and congested routes can therefore be easily avoided so that you arrive at your destination without any delays.

Your route to a safe journey…

… is extremely simple and begins with a personal consultation. The best way to contact us is by calling +49 201 85 89 298 – 0 so that we can discuss the details with you. You can also book directly using our contact form.

We look forward to driving you to your destination safely.

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